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The purpose of this activity is to provide the possibility for companies to export their products under the brand name of a German company. In this process after passing quality evaluation steps for product through a reputable international institution and receiving product quality confirmation, the name and brand of the German company will be provided to the company. The company can use this brand for its products and also signing the contracts. This contributes significantly will lead to the development of the international market for qualified products.

The executive process

A. product quality evaluation by a reputable German institution

• Holding a joint meeting with the representative of the German company regarding the type of activity, type of required standard
• Providing information and technical specifications, product catalog, standards by company
• Negotiation with the international company for evaluating the product quality
• Completing the required forms and submitting information to the international company evaluating product quality
• Following up and receiving the opinions of the International Assessor Company
• Awarding a valid quality certificate under the name of German company (if quality is approved)
• Providing solutions for possible problems in order to improve the quality of the product (if the product quality is not approved by evaluating reference)

B – offering the production certificate under the license of the ISC4M company

• Presenting a written agreement regarding signing sales contracts using the ISC4M brand
• Signing a one-year production contract with ISC4M brand


A. Fixed costs

1-The Cost amount for all above mentioned activities and coordination for receiving the quality certification from reputable international centers is 5000 euros (the cost of all tests is received separately)
2-Cost of receiving one-year German brand certification:50.000 euros

B- Variable cost

If company requests for signing its contracts through, CEO of ISC4M, the German company will receive 12 percent of the total amount of sales contract.

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